About us


I’m London born and bred but I moved to Bournemouth six years ago for work. My education and career had always been heavily influenced by my parents’ aspirations for me (not in a negative way; they only wanted the best for me). At school, I had dreams of going to university to study art but I only managed to squeeze in an art AS-level amongst maths, physics and chemistry… this ultimately moved me to Nottingham university to study chemical engineering for four years and by the time I had finished I truly had had enough of engineering! But leaving university during the financial crisis meant that the job market was pretty bleak! I struggled to find a job in another sector for nine months whilst living at home with my parents. Reluctantly I put my CV in with an engineering recruitment agency and within two weeks of doing so I have moved down to Bournemouth to start work at (yep, you guessed it!) an engineering company!!

I immediately fell in love with Bournemouth and the beach lifestyle. The pace of life down here is so relaxed compared to London (probably because of all the retirement homes!), the weather is wonderful and the people actually talk to you (unlike London where you are generally an inconvenience to everyone!)!

I worked at the engineering company for five and a half years and moved from engineering to project management as soon as I got the chance! A couple of years later another opportunity arose, which was to move to the head office and be in the corporate finance and strategy team, working closely with the CEO, CFO and senior management teams. I was ready for a change and my mantra has always been to try different roles and functions; although looking back now I probably did that because I have been constantly searching for something that I enjoy doing in an industry that isn’t for me.

After only a few months I know the job wasn’t for me. It was too cut-throat, not about the people, too traditional in it’s beliefs and it was just about tasks and money. I wanted more from life than working for people who have very different values to me. I wanted adventures, I wanted to be creative, I wanted to actually make a difference and to share some happiness with the world! So I handed in my notice, leaving behind a significant salary and without a job to go to!

This is probably a good place to introduce my gorgeous husband, Lee, also known as ‘Truffle’ (hence, I’m the Nugget!!). Lee was totally supportive of the move as he could see that I wasn’t happy in that position. We set about thinking of what I would need to do in order to be happy and make a difference. And that brings us to now…

So here’s our little contribution to the world! We hope that you leave here feeling a little bit happier, a little bit inspired and a little bit more adventurous!