This blog has always been about adventures, not just the travelling kind, but those that make you experience something new. We have always been very open-minded when it comes to trying new things. Despite being happy omnivores last year and content vegetarians earlier this year, we watched something that changed our perspectives on eating animals and their products forever… We watched the talked about documentary ‘What the Health’ on Netflix, and despite it being a very bias view (verging on propaganda), it really did have an unexpected and hard-hitting impact on us both. Even if some of the information in it was partially true then we had to make a change.

So pretty much the next day we removed any dietary animal products from our home and became vegans; (however we always said if our bodies did not respond well to the change then we would revert back). Our main driver for changing our diet was for health reasons: if plant-based food could reduce our chances of getting diseases, even just by a tiny bit, then surely it was worth doing! However, the more we read and the more documentaries we watched, the more we found that we were doing this for more than just health reasons: we were now being driven by ethical and environmental reasons. In parallel with this we found that our skin improved, our energy levels increased, we recovered faster after exercise and we slept better; all good stuff!

This new way of eating reignited our passion for cooking. Before, cooking at home tended to be a chore, now it is a joy! Most of the free time we have is spent trying new recipes, baking new delights and experimenting with different flavours. And it is this passion that we want to share with you; so we are starting up a pop-up vegan restaurant so that you can experience the joys of plant-based food! We are creating intimate dining experiences with limited spaces, so please contact us directly for availability!


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